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Koburyu Taisabaki

Last video from Ageshio but not the least interesting as Kinjo sensei is sharing wth us his way of working the Taisabaki.

Taisabaki 体捌き

Taisabaiki can be translated as body management but this is more the way to use your body better.
Indeed, martial artist are working a lot to optimize the way they are using their body to move / punch / kick / block using their whole body.
For that you need to improve your stance, your techniques and understand some concept of internal karate.
The concept of Taisabaki is not only applicable to karate, it is applicable on all bujustsu and it should be incorporated in other sport such as Cycling, Base-Ball …

One of the advantages of the Koburyu is the complementarity between Kobudo & Karate that will enable the practitioner to understand better the Taisabaki concept. Kaicho Kinjo sensei defined concept applicables in both Martial Arts.

One of my personal tips : introduce Taisabaki in your daily work just after the Warm up :

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