Koburyu Karate Seminar

The last June 27th, was organized a specific on-line Koburyu Karate seminar.
The intent of this seminar was to gather Japanese, American & European Koburyu Practitioner.

For the USA : Rochester (NY) & Michigan
Europe : Lionel Reynaud

The original On-Line Zoom was planned to learn Koburyu Kobudo and Kinjo sensei kindly proposed to change the session to learn Karate basics and present us deeply the principles of the Koburyu Karate.

Kaicho Kinjo sensei & Masami sensei demonstrating 2-hands techniques

The 3 levels of Kata

During the session, Kaicho Kinjo sensei took lot of time to explain the evolution he made based on Uechi-Ryu system and explained in depth the aim of the 3 levels of Koburyu Kata execution.
2 katas were studied in detail : Kanshiwa and seisan kata.

Kaicho Kinjo sensei, Masami sensei & Ryuji sensei (Fukuoka)

All the techniques were demonstrated by Kaicho Kinjo sensei himself with the help of Masami sensei and Ryuji sensei (from Fukuoka and Ryubukan Shihan).

Thank you so much Kaicho Kinjo sensei, Masami sensei, Ryuji sensei and USA Koburyu to have organized such great event, またね。

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