Koburyu in Europe

Kobukai Europe was founded in Europe in 2020 by Jean Smith (6th degree black belt).
Jean studied Pangainun karate & Kobudo with Kinjo sensei before the creation of the Koburyu.

Jean Smith sensei with Kaicho Kinjo sensei in Kobukan Dojo (Naha – Okinawa)

Jean is considered as French federation expert in France and he is the representative of Kinjo sensei in Europe.
In 2019, Kinjo went in Europe for successful seminars in France with more than 300 persons attending in the different cities.

Kaicho Kinjo sensei in Paris seminar in 2019

As of today Koburyu is starting to grow mainly in France and it will grow soon in other countries as we start to have students in Spain & Portugal.

European Kobukai Seminar in 2021

If you are in Europe and you want to study Koburyu, do not hesitate to liaise with European Kobukai; their website is available at https://kobukai-europe.com and they are very active on their Facebook page.

You can also use the contact form of this site as Lionel is one of European Kobukai founder.

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