Even if some of the westerners are considering Karate & Kobudo as separate, in Okinawa some Masters as Kinjo sensei are considering these two as indissociable like the two wheels of a bike.
If you want to ride it, the two need to turn together.
In the same way if you want to progress within your martial art path the combination of Karate & Kobudo will give you a great push.

Koburyu Lineage

Kinjo sensei & Masami sensei (Koburyu Kobukai)

In both Martial Arts , Kinjo sensei has worked with historical great masters : Itokazu Seiki for Uechi Ryu and Shinpo Matayoshi for Kobudo.
Based on what he learned and based on his 65 years of training and study, Kinjo sensei decided to found the Koburyu (孝武流) in 2000.

Kinjo sensei learning lienage
Kinjo sensei Martial Arts lineage

Koburyu : a ‘modern traditional style’

Okinawa Koburyu is embarking very traditional styles : Uechi-Ryu & Matayoshi Kobudo.
Uechi-Ryu is one of the most Okinawan traditional Karate school with its origins in Fujian (China) and Matayoshi Kobudo can be considered as one of the ‘cliché’ of the Ryukyu islands.
Even if Koburyu system is based on these 2 systems, Kaicho Kinjo sensei dedicated his life to modernize it and apply to them his own principles.
You will find below some key principles used in the Koburyu :

  • Use your whole body and apply the concept of dual forces ( Yin Yang)
  • The Power is going from your legs
  • Timing is key, Block and attack simuleanously
  • Kata training and Hojo Undo training will support each other

Kinjo sensei ‘titles’

Soke Kinjo : Founder in Japanese is sometimes translated in Japanese by ‘Soke’ (宗家) litterally ‘head of the the family’ that’s why you should see on same website Soke Kinjo.

Kaicho Kinjo : Kinjo sensei is the president of the Okinawa Koburyu Association.
President of an organization is translated by ‘Kaicho’ (会長).

Kinjo sensei & Masami sensei (Koburyu Kobukai)