KOBUDO French Cup Feb’22

Last Feb’15th was hold the Kobudo French Cup organized by the Karate French Federation (FFK) & Oshiro sensei.
It was great event and all kobudokas were super happy to go back to ‘Normal life’ after 2 years without competition due to the pandemic.

4 Kobudo scholls were competing in the French Cup :

  • Matayoshi-kobudo
  • Ryukyu-kobudo
  • Koburyu Kobudo
  • Yamane-ryu

For the Koburyu, Josepha Leconte won the Cup in Women Bō (Long Staff).
Congratulations Josepha it is a fantastic achievement, we are very proud of you and very happy to have the luck to train with you.

The Kobudo French Cup
from Right to Left : Jean Smith (European Kobukai President), Oshiro sensei, Josepha Leconte , Jean Daubriac

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