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Kobu No Sanseiryu Seminar

Today we had the luck to be on-line with Okinawa to work in detailed the last Kata of our school : Kobu No Sanseiryu.

The session was lead by Kaicho Kinjo sensei and Masami sensei.
On line we had Rochester, Ohio & Michigan Dojo members for the USA & Lionel Reynaud for Europe.

Kobu No Sanseiryu & Sanseiryu

Sanseiryu is the last kata of the Uechi-Ryu system; it is the most advanced kata embedding the native chinese techniques brought by Kanbun Uechi from Fujian (Tiber, Crane, Dragon).

Uechi-Ryu Sanseiryu by George Mattson (American father of Uechi-Ryu)

Based on this well advanced Kata, Kaicho Kinjo sensei worked and modify the tecniques and the dynamic to introduce his concepts; as the differences are quite significative it explains why in the Koburyu there is no Sanseiryu kata but a Kobu No Sanseiryu (literally the Sanseiryu of the Koburyu).

Kobu No Sanseiryu

Bunkais in Kobu No Sanseiryu

As explained by Kinjo sensei, the codified Bunkai he built, represents fighting with 14 different opponents
After having worked the different parts of the 3 levels of this kata, Kinjo sensei and Masami performed all the applications of the different techniques and we worked very deeply on these ones.

Technique en bec de grue (‘Kakushiken’)

That was 2 hours of intensive and super interesting training and a great mean to work within the worldwide Koburyu community.

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