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Kanshiwa by Masami Sensei

Ageshio Japan recorded in these last weeks serial of videos showing training sessions with the different masters you can work with using the Agency services.

You can follow Ageshio Japan on their youtube Channel.

Masami Sensei

Shihan Masami Kinjo (Takayama) is well known in the Koburyu world.
8th degree black belt (Kyoshi), she is a former Pro Dancer and support her husband in every exhibition, seminar and lessons.

I had the luck to meet her in 2019 when Kinjo sensei went to France for 3 seminars, at that stage my Japanese was too weak to exchange a lot with her but only with some words I discovered a fantastic woman always keen to support every student in his learning path.

Kaicho Kinjo sensei & Masami sensei during Kobudo Lesson

Kanshiwa Kata

Kanshiwa (完子和 ) is the second Kata of the Uechi-Ryu system which is the system used for the Koburyu Karate.

Even if this kata is considered as elementary kata, it is a kata that can be easily understood by non Uechi-Ryu practitioners.
Kanshiwa is focusing on circular block with different combination (Punch, Kick, Elbow strike, ….) and is introducing specific Uechi-Ryu Punch called Shoken Tsuki.

Shokyu Kata

As already said in the Koburyu school we have 3 levels of performance for each kata :

  1. Shokyu (昇級) for beginners
  2. Chukyu (中級) intermediate intermediate
  3. Jokyu (上級) for advanced practitioners

In this video Masami sensei is demonstrating the first level of execution of Kanshiwa kata giving some points of attention:

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