Koburyu.eu Project

Koburyu.eu has been initiated in 2022 to promote Kaicho Kinjo’s school : Okinawa Koburyu.
You will find on this website useful informations and latest news about Koburyu.
This website is not the official Koburyu school website but is managed by a Koburyu member : Lionel Reynaud

Official kobukai organization websites are available at the following URLs:

Okinawa Koburyu : https://kobukai.okinawa

Europe Koburyu : https://kobukai-europe.com

US Koburyu : https://koburyu.org

About the Author

Koburyu.eu has been built and is managed by Lionel Reynaud.
Lionel is Uechi-Ryu Karate Instructor (IUKF Jun Shihan) and member of the European Kobukai.
Lionel started his Karate training with George Mattson (Hanshi 10th degree black belt) in USA and Jean Smith (6th degree black belt) in France. Jean is also Lionel’s sensei in Kobudo (Kaicho Kinjo sensei representative in Europe).

In 2020, Lionel participated to the Superempei International Tournament and claimed the Gold Medal (2nd Rank).

Lionel Reynaud (European Kobukai)

Lionel is owning some martial arts websites to populate traditional Okinawan Martial Arts :

In parallel to his Martial Arts path, Lionel is Elite Cycling Coach for Olympics & Paralympics.
Lionel won several titles with his World-Class athletes (Olympics medals & World Champion titles).

2 Bronze Paralympic Medal
Rio 2016 & London 2012 souvenirs

If you want to know more you can have a go to Lionel’s coaching website : https://lionelreynaud.com


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