2022 European Kobukai seminar

Traditionally the European practitioners are meeting the southern France for the yearly seminar of their organisation (Kobukai Europe).
This seminar is organized to get the most of the Kobukai members to train together and to test the most advanced of them.
Despite the new raise of the pandemic, the seminar took place from July 8th to 11th.

Kobukai European Practitioners

Kobudo Training

Lot of training were planned for this seminar with 2 daily sessions and test at the end of this camp.
For Kyu practitioners 3 to 4 weapons are studied :
– Bo
– Sai
– Tonfa
– Nunchuk

on top of the Traditional Hojo Undo and the katas lot of applications and bunkais were studied and trained.

For the Black belts advanced weapons were deeply studied : Kamas and Tenakas.

Long Stuff

2022 Promotion

6 candidates have been successfully tested in their kyu test (5 nikyu & 1 Ikkyu)
Kyu Test board : Jean Smith (President of European Kobukai) supported by Kobukai Sempai.

2022 Kyu Promotion

2 candidates were successfully tested for the sandan (Nicolas Sarrazy and Olivier Causse).
Dan test board : Kinjo sensei, Masami sensei (via zoom) supported by Jean Smith and Grégory Burgel.

Test board in Okinawa

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