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    Kanshiwa by Masami Sensei

    Ageshio Japan recorded in these last weeks serial of videos showing training sessions with the different masters you can work with using the Agency services. You can follow Ageshio Japan on their youtube Channel. Masami Sensei Shihan Masami Kinjo (Takayama) is well known in the Koburyu world.8th degree black belt (Kyoshi), she is…

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    Kobu No Sanseiryu Seminar

    Today we had the luck to be on-line with Okinawa to work in detailed the last Kata of our school : Kobu No Sanseiryu. The session was lead by Kaicho Kinjo sensei and Masami sensei.On line we had Rochester, Ohio & Michigan Dojo members for the USA & Lionel Reynaud for Europe. Kobu…

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    Koburyu Taisabaki

    Last video from Ageshio but not the least interesting as Kinjo sensei is sharing wth us his way of working the Taisabaki. Taisabaki 体捌き Taisabaiki can be translated as body management but this is more the way to use your body better.Indeed, martial artist are working a lot to optimize the way they…

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    Koburyu Warm-up

    In the same serial of videos, Ageshio (Japanese travel agency) is releasing a short video in which Kinjo sensei is explaining the Junbi Undo basic warm-up to be performed before each Karate session. Another good way to discover our way of training :

  • Koburyu

    Kinjo sensei Training Tools

    Ageshio, Company dedicated to martial arts tourism in Japan and well in place in Okinawa is proposing us a very interesting video with Kinjo sensei. Indeed, in this clip Kaicho Kinjo sensei is introducing the training tools he is using on his daily training. This home made training tools are dedicated to the…

  • Kobudo

    2022 European Kobukai seminar

    Traditionally the European practitioners are meeting the southern France for the yearly seminar of their organisation (Kobukai Europe). This seminar is organized to get the most of the Kobukai members to train together and to test the most advanced of them. Despite the new raise of the pandemic, the seminar took place from…

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    Koburyu Karate Seminar

    The last June 27th, was organized a specific on-line Koburyu Karate seminar.The intent of this seminar was to gather Japanese, American & European Koburyu Practitioner. For the USA : Rochester (NY) & MichiganEurope : Lionel Reynaud The original On-Line Zoom was planned to learn Koburyu Kobudo and Kinjo sensei kindly proposed to change…

  • Kobudo

    KOBUDO French Cup Feb’22

    Last Feb’15th was hold the Kobudo French Cup organized by the Karate French Federation (FFK) & Oshiro sensei.It was great event and all kobudokas were super happy to go back to ‘Normal life’ after 2 years without competition due to the pandemic. 4 Kobudo scholls were competing in the French Cup : Matayoshi-kobudo…

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    Koburyu Kobudo Videos

    European Kobukai has launched their Youtube Channel.In this Channel, you will find latest Kobudo clips with all the Koburyu Kobudo Weapons : Long Staff (Bo) Sai Tonfa Nunchaku Kama Tenaka Some example of clips : You can access to the Channel by clicking here. The European Kobukai Europe website is available at the…

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    Koburyu Karate Videos

    Koburyu USA has launched their Youtube Channel covering Karate & Kobudo training.They recorded some videos during Kinjo sensei seminars in USA.This a fantastic video database for all Koburyu practitioner. You can access to the Channel by clicking here.You can consult the USA Koburyu websute at the following URL : https://koburyu.org